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Distribuidos Adachi and ShimamuraAkudama DriveAssassination ClassroomAttack on TitanAzur LaneBanished from the Hero's PartyBlack ButlerBlood Blockade BattlefrontBy the Grace of the GodsClaymoreCombatants Will Be Dispatched!Cowboy Bebop (redoblaje)Death ParadeDeca-DenceFire ForceFruits BasketFull Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (redoblaje)Higurashi: When They Cry - GOUHorimiyaHow a Realist Hero Rebuilt the KingdomID: InvadedKaguya-sama: Love is WarMegalo Box 2: NómadaMushoku Tensei: Jobless ReincarnationMy Hero AcademiaOur Last CrusadeOverlordPlundererScarlet NexusSeraph of the End: Vampire ReignSK∞ the InfinitySonny BoyStand My Heroes: Piece of TruthSteins;GateSteins;Gate 0Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town?The Case Study of VanitasThe Dungeon of Black CompanyThe Prince of Tennis IIThe Saint's Magic Power is OmnipotentThe World Ends with YouToilet-Bound Hanako-kunTokyo GhoulTokyo Ghoul: reVivy: Fluorite Eye's SongWise Man's GrandchildWonder Egg Priority
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Distribuidas Black ButlerMy Hero Academia: ¡Sobrevivir! Entrenamiento de supervivencia mortalSteins;GateThe Prince of Tennis II: Hyotei vs Rikkai Game of FutureTokyo GhoulWonder Egg Priority: Mi prioridad
Distribuidas My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission