This isn't a good place to contact me (if at all, it should have been Community), but I'm sorry. I didn't make the decision to unblock you to begin with, and I wasn't the only one who discussed your reblock.

You have had more than three chances. We left you a total of ten messages on your wall, and the last four were all very clear "Respond and behave or you will be blocked" messages. You either couldn't understand that or chose not to (and then came back as another sockpuppet). We tried it for a full month, and right now we have no interest in yet another experiment, and then blocking you again (we discussed blocking you much sooner and tried our best to be patient, giving you more chances than we normally do, where the second or third ignored warning is the last one; a block is automatic, and another administrator offered to block you some days before you were blocked, so that was yet another extra chance). It may not be your fault but you just don't seem to understand what administrators tell you and keep repeating the same things (you would say "I will not continue" without showing you really understood and then continued to make those edits, immediately after being told not to; your very last edit was yet another revert of the kind you had been told on the talk page not to make).

There will be no change. If you leave me multiple harassing messages about this as you have been doing to Wendy, they will be removed. You just don't seem to be able to collaborate and might be better off starting your own page where rules and other editors aren't an issue. It seems like a communication issue, as you seemed to have issues understanding certain words at times. It might not be something you can help, so no hard feelings on my end *if* you let it drop. But Muppet Wiki can't afford to have counterproductive users who work contrary to other editors and either can't or won't understand that. If you're not willing to find another use of your time and enthusiasm, we'll just have to watch out for more sockpuppets, remove or ignore your messages if you spam us with them elsewhere, and so on (but it took more time and energy during the extra month we gave you to monitor your activity and undo your errors, not even counting your many other accounts, and you're the first user I'm aware of to be unblocked after violating that rule so many times. So you were given many extra chances, far more than three, but unfortunately, it didn't work.)

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