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    • Produccion llevese The Dubbing Fan por favor.

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    • To see boy if you understand in you language. Revising your editions apparently some is correct, but the great majority of them is plagued of irregularities and several users had to undo them because many are full with falsehoods that are not allowed in this website.

      We are a community that takes this type of things very seriously and we won't allow in no way that users as you came to here to publishing the articles with this string of lies, although you make yourself a new puppet account from another Wiki and also in english language what it's the last straw!

      Please stops you to make that because to the other one I will request a global blocking in against you to the Wikia Staff and then you will no longer be able to make absolutely nothing.

      Good afternoon.

      P.D. As much JuanKlarth as others that welcomed in his walls are also administrators the same as me and all agree with me on maintaining the things in the website in peace, don't also forget that Klarth already blocked you previously.

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    • Un usuario de FANDOM
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